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About Physio North 

Physio North is the first private physiotherapy clinic located in the Woodlands region of Singapore. We are conveniently located within 2 minutes of sheltered walking distance from Marsiling MRT. 
Our consultations are 1-to-1 and include a comprehensive physical assessment to better understand your condition. 

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Thye was the team physiotherapist of Netball Singapore. He have been attentive to all of our injuries and always checking in on players to make sure that they are doing well.

He is a very patient and caring guy. He makes time whenever I needed immediate assistance for my injuries, even if it’s off office hours. Constantly checking in and offering help when he can, giving the best to his patients. Really appreciate a physiotherapist like him. 


Toh Kai Wei

Co-Captain of Singapore Netball Team

My physiotherapist Chuen Thye is very patient and encouraging. I have improved tremendously under his guidance, and he always pushes me to achieve more each session. Very thankful for a pleasant physiotherapist who makes each session slightly less painful with his cheery and attentive nature.

Aug 2022

Shaamini Kali

Former patient

I have been attending physiotherapy sessions for my ankle for about 4 weeks with Physiotherapist Chuen Thye. Each session is informative and enjoyable! Also sufficiently rigorous - At the end of each session he will give you some exercises to continue at home.

Aug 2022

Lynn Leow

Former patient

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